Celebration of National 401(k) Day!
What is 401(k) Day?
Sponsored by The Profit Sharing Council of America, 401(k) Day spotlights the importance of employer-sponsored retirement plans and draws attention to the increasing need for American workers to save for retirement. For more information from The Profit Sharing Council of America please refer to their website at www.401kday.org

When is 401(k) Day?
Strategic Financial Solutions celebrates National 401(k) Day during the Week of National 401(k) Day on the Tuesday after Labor Day.
How does Strategic Financial Solutions Celebrate National 401(k) Day?
Strategic Financial Solutions sets up an Activity List for all of our plan sponsors. The activity list highlights each week in August so that the plan sponsors know what to expect each week during the month long celebration. The Activity List includes:
  • Sample email communication to use for employees announcing the 401(k) Day celebrations and promotion of the 401(k) plan.
  • Sample email communication to use for non participants to help promote the 401(k) plan.
  • Posters announcing 401(k) Day activities
  • Retirement brochures that can be used as a payroll stuffer or be posted in break rooms.  
  • Communication to notify employees of the Employee Retirement Workshop
  • Any other communication that the plan sponsors would like assistance with to help promote their 401(k) plan.     
Strategic Financial Solutions sincerely cares about plan participants' financial futures; we want to make sure that plan sponsors have all the knowledge and resources they need to help their employees build a strong financial future. We understand how important it is for employees to understand that a 401(k) is a terrific benefit that the employer provides to them. 
To celebrate 401(k) Day, the Tuesday after Labor Day, we deliver donuts to all of our plan sponsors and their employees - we’ve delivered up to 3000 donuts on one day! To help continue celebrating the week of National 401(k) Day we host an Employee Retirement lunch, these workshops are always on a timely topic and are well received with the employees.
If you have any questions on how we celebrate 401(k) Day or how we can help your plan celebrate 401(k) Day, please contact us at (319) 363-2509.  © Strategic Financial Solutions LLC